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Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate (Please help me!!)

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Dec 2004 19:18    Post subject: Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate (Please help me!!) Reply with quote

I have received this e-mail's and our not sure if they are a scam. Please help!! Crying or Very sad




REF NO;ILC421-04/82411

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sequel to the annual lottery draw of the above named establishment in Europe,
conducted on the 3rd of December ,2004.I am glad to notify you that your
e-mail address attached to ticket No ;1225904TW won in the third category
a lump-sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars(USDA750,000;00).

Congratulations and be advised to keep confidential till your prize is processed
to avoid multiple applications/filings. All participants were selected randomly
by a computer software ballot device.

This promotion is sponsored by a group of corporate establishments and accredited
charitable organizations worldwide.

Be informed that a minimum of 10% of your prize must be donated to a remarkable
charity organization in your locality. To file for your claim, please contact
your fiducial agent;

Mrs Winnie Kensington, Inorbit Consultant 11(e-mail;

Congratulations once more,

Sincerely yours'

Douglas Smith

NB; Kindly state your ref No and Ticket No when filing for your claim.

Having received your acknowledgement of the notification of your winning, it's my duty as your fiducial agent to give you details of this lottery programs

Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate is a registered establishment in the Netherlands specialized in organizing lotteries/promotions and allied matters for corporate establishments.
We also give technical strategies to boost productivity of companies' goods and services, meeting given target within a time limit, with our crew of professional management officers.
Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate, presently have a 10-year contract with selected sponsoring -bodies to carry out an annual lottery promotion, known as a "Para-Ballot-Lotto" in order to assist accredited charity foundations all over the world, with track records in America, Europe and Asia, and paramount advertising the sponsoring companies' goods/services. The selection of winners is done in two categories, firstly on those that are registered for the lottery promotion through ticket sales, while the other ballot is done by a special random computer ballot system, which you provisionally fall into. This is in line with management directive vis a vis the sponsoring bodies.
Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate has a legal registration with the corporate affairs commission of the chambers dept. of the Netherlands, headquarter in the Hague, with license(inschrijving in dutch) information as follows:

Inschrijving nummer;bvn/92/plc/-x0184

Inschrijving naam; Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate

Inschrijving adres;Max-havelastraat 23,Postcode 2524 PA,Denhaag- NL


fascimile nummer;,+31-623776132,+31-703804565

De natuur van Zaken;promotions/lotteries/magt. training/product dev.

For VERIFICATION of your winning status, kindly contact the verification Officer; Mr Ken Bruno; or call the above numbers for further enquiries.

Yours in service'

Winnie Kessington

Having verified your winning status, matching your e-mail address to our data-ref., you will kindly fulfill these three requirements urgently;

Firstly, you will send your name, detail address and reference number to the office of the secretary; for documentation.

Secondly, you will submit your choice of charity organization with location (where you wish to give the 10% donation to;) to the charity dept, Mr Henry Zijp; for an approval .

Thirdly, you are required to choose from one of the following options and contact the account department, Mr Anthony Queber; ,fulfilling the requirements for your choice;

A, Providing a detail contact address(if different from above),to receive a courier postage of the certified cheque / int. pay order.

B, Providing your flight details, if you choose to come personally(not by proxy) to the Netherlands to claim your prize, after notarization/clearance is done.

C, Providing your detail bank account information, for a bank to bank transfer of your prize to your account.

Ken Bruno,

Snr. Ver. Officer

In aknowledgement of the verification/processing of your winning, I am delighted to intimate you that your application of claim has been apporved and we have the instruments for the release of your award prize of $750,000;00(seven hundred and fifty thousand u.s dollars).
The mode of receiving your prize will depend on your choice of payment;

For courier postage;you will receive your certified cheque/int pay order via the FEDEX courier service(or a Fedex-broker agent in your locality) ,in four days time from the date of notarisation.Ensure that you have a valid identification,the clearance documents(charity form,certificate of award,notarised pay order/slip) and an easily accessed address.Please,ensure that the relevant documents are notarised.

For personal collection;Having confirmed your identification and flight details,you will be driven by the account officer in charge of your winners' category, with the relevant clearance documents to the bank for your prize to be given.You have the option to collect prize in cash( in euros-currency only) or to immediately transfer prize to any account of your choice,within or outside the netherlands.Note that it is imperative for your flight schedule and bank appointment should be made after notarisation.

For bank transfer;On confirmation of your bank details and identification,a bank transfer will be effected immediately from our corresponding bank.Depending on the nature of your bank,it's location,transfer mordalities,electronic networking e.t.c,your prize will be in your account in about 4 to 7 days,from the date of notarisation.Of course a confirmation payslip will be sent to you by fax or e-mail attachment,in addition with the relevant clearance documents immediately after notarisation.

Coclusively,due to money laundering and anti-terrorist activities,all fund transfer must be NOTARISED by the legal department,BEFORE sending ,to ensure a hitch-free transfer of your fund.You are therefore requested to contact the legal department via e-mail; .
Congratulations once more!

Anthony Queber

Snr Acc. Officer 11

Dear E.Wilson,
This is to confirm the receipt of your approved file.As a result of money laundering,terrorists financing,e.t.c.,all bulk transfer of fund via this company must be duly notarised in the high court 11 of the Netherlands to ensure a smooth transfer of fund.
This is in accordance with article 24,subsection (viii) of the Netherlands lottery gaming regulations,amended in 1997.
This law has become very strict since the september 11 bombing in America,in addition to the numerous terrorist attacks going on till date.In view of this ,you are to send a notarisation fee of 320;00euros(equivalent of 396USD) to the account dept. ;

ACCOUNT NO:- 2034826
IBAN CODE:- NL20PSTB0002034826
Or to hasten the process,you send a western union transfer to the account officer11;Mr Franklin Clapton.(Acc.Off.11),of Steenvoordelaan 21A ,Postcode 2284 BZ, RIJSWIJK,Netherlands.This is effective and has less transfer commission.

The notarisation of the relevant documents,including the cheque/payment order confirms genuinity and legitimacy of your winning and as thus clears every bank transaction delay usually observed with other firms.In addition to the above fee,you are to send by fax or attached e-mail a copy of your valid identification.This can be an employee I.D.,Driver's license or an international passport.This is to ascertain that the cheque is drawn and sent to the right person with the winning e-mail add.
Expecting your compliance,

Bar J.Keyannoh
N.B;Be informed that your lottery sum is in bonded form and as such no amount is deductible, to prevent transaction irregularities.As time is of the essence,a western union transfer will be ideal to send forward this notarisation fee.

The fact that there are many scams does not give you the impectus to begin to insinuate this programme being illegal.Ofcourse, we have report of impersonators ,especially from africa,claiming to be Inorbit Lotto Conglomerate,of which we have reported this case to the law enforcement agencies,including internet fraud operatives/combatants.The police have thus apprehended a couple of them and they are investigating the matter.Meanwhile,we are presently working on a higher security structure to combat this menace.This establishment is a very coperate and ethical one too.You have been given all the contact information to verify the genuinity and legality of this programme.You also have the right to travel to the netherlands and process your claim personally in our coperate headquarters'in the HAGUE.This is also allowed.
You are kindly advise to go ahead with the filing process or send in a letter of authority,giving us the power to transfer your winning to one of the charity organistion of our choice.This is neccessary as there will be a remarkable audit company(Crystal Gulf & AssociateS) to ascertain if all winners receive their prizes accordingly.
Moreover all the documents TO BE NOTARISED including a copy of the cheque/pay order will be given to you,with the bank details,in hard copies, given to you so that you can call directly and verify your cheque number/Transaction.

Moreover,you can confirm this programme via the chambers bureau of the netherlands;

Bureau van Commerce

Gallerstraat 53a,b& c,

Postcode;2843 RW, S'Gravenhage.

The Netherlands





Bar J.Keyannoh


Eileen, I have removed your email address, as scammers do visit forums like ours looking for victims and email addresses
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Victim Support

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PostPosted: Wed 15 Dec 2004 19:27    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, Eileen, it is a scam. 100% guaranteed fake.
We have the tools to take care of 419 scammers. There is very little that cannot be accomplished with a hot screwdriver and a pair of pliers.
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Scam Patroller

PostPosted: Wed 15 Dec 2004 19:37    Post subject: Reply with quote


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Victim Support

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PostPosted: Sat 01 Oct 2005 10:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

I didn't notice anyone pointing it out but they ask for a notarisation fee of 320 euros. Its actually illegal throughout Europe to ask for a fee to process a winning lottery claim. 100% scam
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Scam Patroller

PostPosted: Sat 01 Oct 2005 12:32    Post subject: Reply with quote


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Forum Admin

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PostPosted: Sat 01 Oct 2005 13:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

actually it was in response to a few of topic posts from an anonymous guest, the posts have been removed with MSAF's post left here.
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Victim Support

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PostPosted: Tue 04 Oct 2005 20:05    Post subject: Reply with quote

@oz_baiter Thanks Cool

@Scam Patroller Rolling Eyes Wink
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Scam Patroller

PostPosted: Tue 04 Oct 2005 22:32    Post subject: Reply with quote

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