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Captain Igloo
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PostPosted: Tue 15 Jul 2008 14:08    Post subject: FORUM RULES **PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING** Reply with quote

Please read these rules and guideline before making your first post!

General guidelines [back to top]

  • Please do not swear. Its not big or smart and entirely unnecessary.
    Abusive messages will be deleted without notification.

  • Private messages between users are disabled on this board. Scammers may register with this board and effectively try to groom victims. To prevent this the adminstrators have disabled private messages between users. You can however send private messages to adminstrators or moderators, and you should use this feature to report posts or settle disputes.

  • Personal attacks on other members on the board will not be tolerated, no matter who is right and who is wrong. Any posts of this nature will be delete without notification and the parties involved may find themselves on a warning or suspension. If the personal attacks presist, then this could lead to a ban.

  • Respect your fellow poster. If someone asks something stupid don't flame them for doing so. Many of the people here are victims of fraud and are in a state of shock having just realised this, they may not necessary be thinking straight when they ask questions.

  • Moderators have the privilege of closing threads, deleting posts or if necessary entire threads. Please do not start threads about closed or deleted threads. If you have a problem with any of the moderators' decisions, send a PM to the moderator in question. If you cannot work it out with them, PM an adminstrator (Old Coaster)

  • Please do not post personal information about yourself or others on this board. This includes email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and bank account details. Scammers maybe lurking in these forums and such information may be of use to them. Of course if this is information about a scammer this rule does not apply and you are welcome to post such information.

  • Please do not post things that can easily abused by the scammers. This is a public board and scammers can and do visit occasionally. Should a scammer send you a high quality document (whether fake or genuine) please do not post it here since it may be copied by another scammer. This includes images of passports, ID cards and links to useful tools. Please use your common sense. If in doubt PM an adminstrator or moderator before you make your post.

  • If you post something or link to something that is not safe for viewing at work (or near children, etcetera), please indicate so in your thread title or above your link.

  • Don't post just for the sake of posting. Please avoid duplicating the same information, it only necessary to post it once in the appropriate forum.

  • Don't feed the troll. Alert a moderator.

  • Please avoid thread necromany (that is: posting in a thread that has been inactive for several months to bump it back to the top again). Old threads will usually little relevance anymore. Also, members that posted in it may not be around anymore. If you really want to bring up an old discussion again because you have something of value to add, post a new thread and put a link in it to the old thread. That way people do not have to read through all the old posts to see what is new.

  • Don't abuse your signatures. Especially signatures with very large images in them make a thread very difficult to read. Adminstrators have the right to edit signatures and if we feel that they are inappropraite we will do just that. We will also not accept links to commercial sites in your signature.

  • The same rules are enforced for other informations in your profile.

  • If you see something offensive posted on any of the forums, please report it to a moderator. Only report offensive posts and don't use it to drag the moderator into any personal dispute you may have. Those should be fought out over PM or e-mail in the traditional way.

  • If you have any comments or questions feel free to PM an adminstrator or moderator.

  • Before posting on in a forum check the guidelines for that forum! Additional rules and guidelines can be created by moderators for specific forums. These apply in addition to all these rules and guidelines so keep an eye on stickies and announcements in the various forums.

  • Please do not abuse the 'quote' function when replying to posts unless it is necessary to clarify the point being made. When answering a post that is directly above your post, there is generally no reason to quote the previous post unless it is to include a specific clip. Where a 'quote' is required to accentuate or clarify something regarding your response, please edit out all that is not required. This will keep the thread clean to read and save on disk space.

What is absolutely not allowed [back to top]

  • Duplicate accounts are not allowed. If you want to post something that you don't want to post with your main posting name on it, don't post it at all. Duplicate accounts will be banned without notice upon discovery and the main account will be given a warning.

  • Hardcore Pornographic images and other shocking material (such as pictures of mutilation, death or other offensive non-sexual images) are ABSOLUTELY not allowed. Such images will be removed immediately since they are unacceptable to the majority of our members.

  • Racist remarks or links to racist sites or material are expressly forbidden. We will delete any remarks we consider racist, and we make absolutely no apologies for doing so. This board is located in the European Union where racism is (quite rightly) illegal, and it is our duty to make sure this board is clear of such stuff. The people running this board could face possible prosecution for allowing it. Even if it was legal, we still wouldn't allow it. I am personally against racism of ANY kind, and all the adminstrators and moderators support me wholely on this matter.

  • The sending of viruses and trojans to scammers, or attempts to hack or hijack their email accounts and/or computers are illegal in most jurisdictions. Please do not start topics on such subjects. Such threads will be deleted on sight.

  • Do not post links to warez or piracy. Like many of the above items, they are illegal. We would like this board to stay open.

What happens when you step out of line? [back to top]

  • It depends on the kind of violation you have committed. If it's the odd abusive post then we will edit or delete it. When one of your posts is deleted you generally will be informed of it, unless it's something small like a double post or if it's a very obvious violation of the forum rules.

  • Repeated offences will lead to significant penalties

  • If you continue to break the rules, we will have little choice but to ban you. If you posted anything highly illegal, we may even opt to report you to your ISP. Of course, if you are banned you may go for the option of re-registering under a different name and start your antics again, but then we will end up going around in a vicious circle of deleting and banning. Save yourself the trouble by being a good citizen.
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