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PostPosted: Wed 10 Nov 2004 03:05    Post subject: NIGERIAN 419 ADVANCE FEE FRAUD Reply with quote

Warning Signs That You Are Being Scammed

*You have been asked to keep this deal a secret.

*You have been asked to supply sensitive personal information (like bank account numbers, social security number, etc.) or personal documents (passport, driver's license).

*You have received official-looking documents by email.

*You are being asked to pay a sum of money up-front to release documents, trunk boxes, an inheritance, etc.. Additional fees and costs seem to materialize.

*You have been referred by email to a security company, banker, or barrister who is in control of these goods, and claims to be releasing them to you.

*Your contact writes in broken English or disjoint sentences, sometimes changing writing styles from CAPITALS to lowercase text.

*Your contact pleads or threatens you to send money, often concocting a story about selling jewellery, mortgaging property, or claiming sudden illness.

How A Typical Nigerian 419 Scam Works

This fraud typically originates with the scam operator soliciting your assistance to move millions of dollars from africa to a different contient. You may be told that this money belongs to you as the next of kin of a deceased person who stashed the money away shortly before they died. Quite often this ficitious sum of money will supposedly be deposited with an online bank or fake security company.

You will eventually be asked to pay fees ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for administration fees, storage fees, transportation costs, clearance documents, Lawyers' fee's etc etc.

You send your "fees" via Western Union and that is just the beginning. You are asked for more fees, document charges, anti-terrorist fees etc. The money you were promised never existed so when you send your last dollar, you will never hear from them again. You will lose hundreds perhaps thousands of your hard earned dollars to criminals who will spend it on drugs, luxury items, prostitution and the financing of other scams.

Note that all parties introduced by the person originally soliciting your help, the "Lawyers", the "Online Bank", the"Security Company" etc, are all part of the scam team.

Sometimes you will be asked to travel to an African country (usually places like Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, Ibadan, Lagos, Lome) or to europe (mostly Amsterdam & other locations is Spain and London) to claim the money. Many scam victims who have travelled abroad have been kidnapped and, numerous victims have been murdered.

The scam artist may send you a counterfeit cashier's cheque and ask you to wire some of that money to a third party by Western Union, DONT SEND ANY MONEY. If you receive a cheque, be advised that this is counterfeit/stolen, if you cash it, YOU are liable to be arrested for fraud. See these 2 links below for more details:

"scammers victim who was arrested here"

"US victim who cashed a $48,000 fake cheque"

Be advised that these scammer's have very strong links with Al-Qeada and other terrorist organisations, they are very extremely dangerous people and we advise you to cease contact immediately. See this link about Nigerian email scams linked to terrorism:

"Al-Qaeda, ETA en PKK are copying Nigerian scams to fund terrorism"

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please tell your friends about Nigerian 419 scams, as I am certain they have had letters from scammers in their email in the past without realising it.
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