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new scam & longest running scam in history...

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PostPosted: Sun 06 Nov 2005 03:04    Post subject: new scam & longest running scam in history... Reply with quote

I have received an email from scam patrol, and thus why i am here posting this message. Obviously i have been well and truly scammed so this is why i am posting. But my question is who got my email address from scam patrol and how did you know i was being scammed? I never even heard of such a thing as scam patrol. And if you cant help people why have a section named "request help"? I am a bit upset right now as i feel very stupid that i was scammed.

This world truly is a terrible place, when people have to rob other people who are only willing to help. And i suppose this makes you wonder, if they are so willing to take your money and you are so willing to help them, then where is the scam? We are the stupid ones that have a conscience and feel like we need to help others. They appeal to our good nature and we fall for it. But obviously they must need the money more than us. You must have to be a desperate individual or group to create a scam. Obviously there is an underlying issue that causes people to want to scam in the first place, and if i were a scam fighting force i would focus on preventing scams at its roots. If they feel they need to scam people its because they feel they dont have enough money. Am i right? So obviously a certain level of poverty is what causes them to scam, so in my opinion that is what we should be addressing as scammed people who wish too rid of scammers. How do i know this? Or am i crazy for saying this?

I know this not because i am a scammer or have scammed in the past although i have done some shifty things in life, but who hasnt? But i know what its like to be financially under pressure and anxious to achieve wealth but with no means to have wealth without having to work my brains or body for someone else. So when i feel this desperation as a human survival i will do whatever it takes to survive, and that nowadays means i need money to live. So i can come up with some creative ways of getting money from others. I mean after all thats how our governments and banking institutions do it. They get our money and thus prosper, and they make more money when they need to. It is however illegal for anyone else to make money or to take others money. I hope you see what i am saying here. please dont get me wrong, i am not saying scamming is alright and acceptable, but perhaps there is a better way of addressing the issue. Awareness in my opinion is just as frustrating as being scammed. i mean so what if you are aware of scams, most males like me, are going to try anything that sounds promising. And scammers will adjust to appeal to the needs of people, because they understand us. But do we understand them? Perhaps we should get to understand them and address what their issues are before we decide that they are just bastard criminals that should suffer.

Anyways i should dump this conscience, its what our leaders do, have you noticed? Our world is governed by people who are actors. They act like they care and their actions? What do they say about them? Their words say one thing their actions another. At least scammers are following by example, where we are just suckers who fall for the bs by our world leaders and scammers.

Yes i am relating scammers to world leaders, the only difference in my mind is that scammers dont have a licence to do what they do. But are probably more in need of a licence than the so-called authorities.

I guess what i am saying is really that the issue is bigger than what it seems. But goodluck to spam patrol. Maybe you will be able to help some people avoid getting scammed, which is what i see you are trying to do. And i am sure that what i have said has probaly already crossed your mind just no one says it. But if anything it is just like scam patrol, it is there for people to be informed. After all information as is the age we are in now, is the age where we as people create, communicate and store large amounts of information, and this information is controlled by anyone that has the technology. So basically what we see as scams are basically robbery from a distance. Which if you think about it is pretty amazing. I mean here you might be in the uk and some guy in nigeria or wherever manages to steal 5k from your pocket and he wasnt even anywhere near you. Easier than the scammers had it 10years ago huh?

Just one last thing to think about: Have you thought why the authorities in your country never get your money back from scammers? Is it because they try but cant? Or is it because they pretend to try but really they couldnt care less about your recklessness with your own money? I mean if they really were determined they would have a solution wouldnt they? I mean if i was really determined i could get my money back, but in the back of my mind i just decide that its easier and safer to sit back and get over it, just as the authorities do. Hmmm food for thought.

Anyways, might go off and create my own scam and legalise it, and make some of my hard earned money back, because obviously my scammers arent intent on returning my funds Laughing

PS: Please consider putting up this post even if it is just for a mth or so, as i would be curious to see any replies to it. If however you choose not to allow it on your forum please at least read it and consider the information within it for your own scampatrol benefit. Thank you
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PostPosted: Sun 06 Nov 2005 19:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi thanks for visiting the forum and I'm sorry that you have had money stolen by these people..

To answer some of your questions, we knew you were being scammed because we do have decent, honest people from the countries where these scams originate who are so sick of the way the criminals are causing such damage to their countries that they are willing to pass on information about the scammer's activities.

We can't help people physically recover their money or get the scammers arrested because we are just concerned citizens who try to do what we can. We are not law enforcement officers or such. What we can do, and why we have this forum, is to try and help people to realise that they are not stupid because they have been scammed, the scammers are very accomplished at what they do and thousands of people fall into their clutches every year. You are no more stupid than the person who is mugged in the street or has their home broken into. You are the victim of a crime, you are angry just now because you are a victim and for that you are faultless.

It is not desperate people who create scams. The real desperate people in Africa are so poor that they don't have time to sit in internet cafes, indeed they wouldn't have the education even if they had the time. The real desperate people are too busy trying to prevent their children starving to death. Scammers are usually educated, greedy people, often members of criminal gangs with international contacts, who see a chance to get money for nothing and tend to spend it on such life enhancing necessities as BMW motor cars.

The authorities in Western countries have their hands tied when dealing with scams bcause they have no jurisdiction over the citizens of other countries. The ones who could get your money back are the police in countries such as Nigeria, where the scammers are located. Unfortunately the levels of corruption in such countries mean that it is probably more attractive to the police there to turn a blind eye than actually try to do something to stop the criminals.

I hope this has cleared up things for you but please post again if you have any other questions.
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PostPosted: Sun 06 Nov 2005 19:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Guest,

I'll try to answer your points...

Without knowing who you are, it's a bit difficult to know how your email address came to our attention. We receive information from a number of sources: informants in cyber-cafes, employees of Western Union and some email providers, disgruntled and/or reformed scammers even.

We do help people... sometimes we can contact a victim before they've lost anything. Other times, we can help people when they're asked for the second or subsequent payment to a scammer.

Don't feel stupid about having been scammed. They are very good at conning people... it is their livelihood, after all.

Yes, the world is a terrible place. Its also a wonderful place. Don't let one bad experience ruin your life. Learn from it, tell your friends, and move on.

Its not a level of poverty that makes them scam... its a level of greed. Scammers are sometimes quite wealthy people. It may have been poverty that caused them to start, but its greed that keeps them doing it.

Yes, there's a continuum that includes scammers, politicians, banks, governments, and all other people. We all have to draw a line as to what is ethical and acceptable for ourselves.

The police in your country are mostly not interested because no crime is committed in your country. It is perfectly legal to give your money away. The scammer is committing a crime in a country where your police have no authority. From bitter experience, your police know that there's really no point in pursuing a scammer in (say) Nigeria... all the details they've given you are false, so there's no way to identify the criminal.
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